Block Party enters general availability!

To celebrate, we're introducing block lists and premium subscription plans

Today we hit a milestone that has been three years in the making: we’re finally out of open beta! What began as an urgent mission to address the harassment our CEO personally faces as an advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech, has since evolved into an ever-expanding set of tools to help users take back control of their Twitter experience. Along the way, we’ve been grateful to build not only a team but a broader community of people who we are proud to support in reclaiming their social media space. 

Let’s take a look at what we’re introducing to kick off this new era for Block Party! 

Block lists 

Block lists are Block Party’s take on bulk blocking. You can block accounts that have retweeted or liked a problematic Tweet, 100 at a time. Or, if you have a curated list of accounts to block, copy paste the list and block in bulk.

Although each block list is limited to 100 accounts, you can make as many lists as you like! All of your lists are saved for access anytime, so you can share them with friends, family, coworkers, and loved ones to help them enjoy a safer online experience, too.

As with any new safety feature Block Party introduces, a lot of time and care went into the design of block lists—you can read more about our process here.

More subscription options 

Block Party now offers three plans: Basic, Premium, and Supporter. This is a critical step that will allow us to build and maintain an even greater array of tools that put you in control of your online experience. 

Here’s what basic and premium offer: 

If you are a current Block Party user, you’ll be able to redeem two free months of Block Party Premium. Wondering how your current account will be affected? Check out our FAQ.

If for any reason you cannot afford a Block Party Premium account and would like to request a scholarship, please email

What’s next

As we’ve seen over the last few months with whistleblower releases and congressional hearings dominating the headlines, a sea change is underway: end users, technologists, and regulators are waking up to the reality that something about social media needs to change. At Block Party, we believe the heart of this transformation should be a move towards greater user choice. 

We’ve built our company on the idea that you should get to decide what content you do — and don’t — have to see on social media, and we are eager for more innovation on this front. Our focus has always been on anti-harassment and safety, so in the coming months, you can expect to see more features that help to promote safer online experiences for everyone. 

We hope you’ll follow along this journey, and keep giving us feedback on how we can best support your needs. Thank you for all your support; we wouldn’t be here without you.