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On #WorthTheMention, we’re highlighting those using their voice online for good. At Block Party, we understand how important it is for creators to have a digital presence. Our beta product is a tool to help people feel safe online by filtering out harassment and other unwanted content on Twitter. 

Today, we’re chatting with the incredible Olympic runner, award-winning filmmaker, and writer, Alexi Pappas!

grass: im restless!
dandelion: go then!
g: i cant... besides, how do you know where to go?
d: i ride the wind & land where i think i can grow.
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alongside my quaranteammie @gogo.powers
August 3, 2020

Alexi is not only the Greek national record holder in the 10,000 meters, but also the co-creator of the feature film Olympic Dreams alongside Nick Kroll.  Through her creative and athletic endeavors, Alexi has amassed over 100,000 followers across social media platforms. 

put in the work
do the dance
set a goal
take a chance
C-skips: as you stay at home #fortheteam, try this calf strengthening drill - 30 sec reps!
throwback to my book photoshoot with @kelianne wearing my @champion fit
May 14, 2020

Online, Alexi is known for her positive, inspiring, and lively content. She inspires her audience with short poems and musings on being brave and conquering goals. We personally love her uplifting voice on social media, and had the pleasure of speaking with her about how she uses her digital presence for good.

What role does social media play in your career?

Social media has played a huge role in my career because it's helped me have a platform to reach and inspire others. My presence on social media really took off and became a large part of my public presence was when, as a college athlete, I posted a poem on Twitter: "run like a bravey, sleep like a baby, dream like a crazy, replace can't with maybe." The poem really caught on, especially the term "bravey," which is now the title of my book!

What is the biggest challenge in having a prominent voice online?

I think the challenge, which is also ultimately for the best, is making sure to be sensitive to how my words might be interpreted in ways I never could have thought of -- that's also what's so great about social media, is that it gives people from traditionally under-represented perspectives an equal opportunity to have their voices heard. Personally, I want my voice to resonate positively with as many people as possible.

We’re so excited for your upcoming book, Bravey! You’ve defined a “bravey” as a “courageous person who strives for crazy goals.” How do you use your social media presence to inspire people to be braveys?

This is a fun question! Social media is a great place to share snippets of what I've learned and how I see the world. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are wonderful platforms for bite-sized morsels that can invoke a feeling, or open a window into an experience, or nudge people's minds in a certain direction. It's a perfect counterpart to my book, which is a very deep dive into my life experiences and what being a Bravey means to me. In turn, people can decide what being a Bravey means to them. 

We know being in the spotlight on social media isn’t always easy. What advice do you have for those encountering negativity online?

My best advice when it comes to negativity online is, if it’s coming from a person or account you don’t know, it’s OK to ignore it. With someone you do know, it’s also okay to ignore it.

At Block Party, we aim to protect people like Alexi and ensure they have the best possible experience online. In a world where harassment and unwanted content can often silence important voices, we want to help creators remain in control of their social media.

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